On The Run Photography was officially started in 2007 when Eric Stoike was asked to shoot a wedding for a friend of the family. He had been dabbling with photography for 8 years prior but had never made the jump to getting paid for any of his work. From that point forward, Eric knew that he needed to form a business from this passion.

This passion has grown throughout the years and has lead Eric to experience a wide variety of random things and meet a plethora of people along the way. Most recently, clicking the shutter has become more of a full time adventure that leads into the future. Who knows what (or where really...) the future will bring but something with a shutter that clicks will definitely be in Eric's hand.

Who is Eric?

Eric is a Holland, Michigan native that hasn't ventured far and currently resides in Allendale, Michigan. He is a die hard Michigander that will probably always live in West Michigan (although the Upper Peninsula is quite appealing). Outside of photography, he enjoys doing basically anything outside, hanging out with friends, occasionally moonlights as a web developer (to remember the old days) and follows GVSU Football anywhere they go each fall.